I ABSOfreakingluty Love My Sis

While I was watching last year’s edition of the EMMYs, I noticed that 2 award recipients (Uzo Aduba and Amy Schumer) in their ‘thank you’ speeches mentioned their sisters. They went further to describe them as their support system. This struck a chord with me as I can relate to them. Not only is my sister my own support system, I consider her God’s gift to humanity.

She is one of the most precious people on earth. Kind, warm, trusting and loving, I feel she knows when I’m trying to play a fast one on her but she still lets me get away with it. Now that my sister no longer stays in the same house with me, I am tempted to confess all my sins/ everything I’ve ever  done both knowingly and unknowingly to wrong her but I’m afraid she’ll never speak to me again. So I’ll just write a few things.

Growing up, I used to be a little bit happy when my sister she falls ill. Reason is I got to eat her ‘get well’ food. I remember sitting at the foot of the bed overlooking her with pitiful eyes while I munched the meat pie daddy got from Mr. Biggs and Ribena for her to eat and take her drugs. She would take small bites and just pass the food to me and as a good sister that I was/am, who am I not to oblige?

Now that brings me to  this meme,   sister sister    which reminds me of when I wore my sister’s yellow polo out to go to the movies with my friends on a weekday, I figured that I would get home before her so I took my chance but unfortunately, Lagos traffic spoiled my plans as I got back late and my sister caught me red handed wearing her favorite polo.

She was so angry and knowing that I had to pacify her, I used craze cover shame and told her that I was more important than a common shirt. My sis didn’t buy it as she ordered me to immediately wash the shirt. Alas, the gods must have been against me because after I threw the shirt it in the washing machine, I realized that there was another cloth in it and I forgot to take it out. As expected, the result was an eyesore because the color had changed to orange.  Livid, my sister stormed off to sleep.

This last confession I thought I would never tell but here it is.

Remember that earpiece of mine that I said you could keep because only one ear was working? Well sis, technically it’s yours.  I stole/borrowed it from your blackberry pack because I didn’t want it lying fallow. But after 3months there was no use returning it since I had wrecked one ear.

So when you thought your nice sister (me) was dashing you earpiece, that was me returning your property.

Happy Birthday to my Day 1 nigga, second mummy, number one fan, adviser, cheerleader, pastor and mentor. Love you loads

P.S: I insist I didn’t take your black camisole.


  1. Bim · March 15, 2016

    Callilope, I really really love you. You are the best


  2. BTV · March 17, 2016

    haha!!! stealing my sisters cloth is what I’m about….


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