Battle scars from social media wars.

January was pretty interesting, well very interesting and quite entertaining. And except you’ve been living under a rock, you would see that matches are no longer held in the rings or streets with an audience or onlookers for the later. The biggest matches of this year have been on Social media. infact to be specific, Twitter and Instagram.
Artistes/Celebrities/entertainers have been getting in touch with their emotions and lashing out on these social media platforms and some personal things we’ve learnt about them are:
1) Their talent should be questioned: These people especially musicians talent(s) should be questioned because they can’t even channel their anger into rhyme or something creative and in the now immortal words of Drake, “trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers.”
2) They can’t write good grammar, and their tenses are extremely distressed.
3) People jump into conclusions and misplace their home training.

So in order to aid these online battles here are some suggestions of Armour you should have on before engaging in one:
1) Don’t catch subs that aren’t meant for you. Don’t be overly sensitive and just because you are with a device that can access the Internet doesn’t mean you should always be quick to type and put up stuff.
2) Be articulate: it’s a darn fight, you have all the time to express and communicate, so please do just that and be articulate.
3) Chip in a new slang: what is a fight without a new slang we all can overuse for the next 48hours.The audience is willing to be thoroughly entertained. Tap into your creativity and makeup/coin a phrase or word that would make the match unforgettable
4) Have proof: Don’t ‘cry’ about someone stealing creative work ,if you don’t have proof to back it up. ‘i get/use am before no be property’. Infact, people should start trademarking every lyric/slang of their creative output.
5) Don’t go personal: insulting other people’s families and bringing up their families in a fight that just involves 2 grown (term used loosely) individuals is just downright rude and cowardly. There is no basis for this. Face your opponent squarely not their roots.
6) Come to the battle with your facts (ammunition): this shows you aren’t petty and you know why you are in the fight in the first place. And after all is said and done, don’t eat your words. Don’t delete your posts. The Internet never forgets, people are screen grabbing the posts by the second so deleting doesn’t make much sense. So better think very well before putting up the post. if you have an inkling that you’d end up deleting it, then don’t put it up.
I know the argument is that celebrities (term used loosely again) are human beings and bla bla bla they have feelings to and react to things. But if you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen, stay away from social media or get someone to manage your account for you. It might take a lot of work but discuss with your communications team before every post or just use common sense . Don’t be quick to react. You are a BRAND or future brand. Act like one. And stop catching subs that are or aren’t meant for you.
Thanks for the entertainment. Let’s do it again this Februaryonline battles

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