A ‘broke girl’s guide to celebrating the holidays

images Christmas

It’s the holiday season again, the one we all have been waiting for and  I have mixed feelings about it because I’m broke, scratch that, I’m super broke, but on the brighter  side I am not afraid of over spending or a ‘dry’ beginning of the new year due to over spending because I don’t even have anything to spend.

Regardless though, I have told myself that I must have fun. Money must not dictate the tone of this holiday. So  here’s my plan: I will  attach myself to family and friends and just conveniently appear at their front  doors when they are going for that ‘dinner’ ‘movie’ or ‘ just drinks.’ Whatever it is, I’m down. Update DPs and social media at your own risk because I intend to show up where you are and say ‘taadaa’ with a very cute smile you can’t turn me back now.

Talking about showing up unexpectedly, there are two places I’ll probably never show up at no matter how good the invitation.

1) Clubs

I’ve had not so nice experiences that I’ve finally given up clubbing; my 1st experience got me slapped by a drunken specimen,the place was so stuffy and crowded my dress was drenched  in cigarette smoke. Alcohol was spilled on me and I was almost lit of fire due to the  cigarette butt a taller person was smoking  which was close to my synthetic weave. I was so unhappy with a first experience I swore that my 2nd time won’t be a repeat, I then  armed myself with an helmet and off I went with a friend. This time  was better and I thought the night couldn’t go wrong until I realised my ‘friend’ was nowhere in sight and I had been forgotten, left behind. I had to take a cab that costs my monthly allowance home. Ever since then, I’ve learnt my lesson. No more to be seen at the doorstep of a ‘dance house.

2) Boat Rides

Now to my experience with boat rides, my first attempt was 2yrs ago when friends invited me to a private beach during the festive season. I already had doubts about the boat trip because immediately I informed my mum about it; she started giving me reasons why I should not go in her true superstitious fashion but I ignored and off I went to have a good time. Due to Lagos traffic, we got to our destination really late but we didn’t care, we just wanted to turn up. We weren’t quite done with the partying but the sun had set and we decided to get out of there, thankfully there was one more boat available and that was when the drama started. The same  boat ride that got my adrenaline wild while going to the beach was beginning to feel a little bit different and I realised why; It was dark  and I was AFRAID. I’ve heard of people who left from Ikorodu to the Island by boat and ended up in Badagry due to bad weather and this was beginning to look like a scene from a movie with my mother’s voice echoing in my thoughts as I felt every bump,sea wave and I immediately prepared for the worst for what felt like 3hours(it was only 20mins) we finally got back to land and I told myself NEVER AGAIN.

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